The Harlem Writers Guild
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    Write rewrite, write rewrite, write it's the only way to get the best out of you work.
Grace F. Edwards



Don't wait for the mood to strike!
Write and Write often!

Donis Ford   





As a writer of fiction My primary aim is to approach the page as if no one has ever written before. This to my mind, is requisite to being truly creative.

   Eugene Hobgood






                       Writing is one of the hardest
                               and loneliest task you'll ever do!
                               Stick with it, its worth it.


                                                   Betty Ann Jackson


                                                     Simply put I write what I like to read, and I like
                                    Action, Adventure, Intrigue,  Humor,

                                    Historical fiction, Sci-Fi. . . .

                                    Read often and Write.

                                                                                                      Bob DesVesvery




                 Write from your mind, body, heart and soul, with passion, truth and emotion!

                                                               Judy C. Andrews  






I try and never limit my reach, my imagination. I donít believe in writerís block just patience. The next word, sentence, paragraph, novel, is there, but like a garden it needs time to germinate. I believe in time.


                                                                                                                            KC Washington








    Keep reading keep writing keep fighting!



William H. Banks